Product Overview

Chatglobe is a web application that allows you to easily add a chatbox to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees.

Chatglobe is versatile and uniquely suited to be used in distance learning sessions, moderated events, virtual meetings or just social real-time conversations. It can be customized to your site's look and feel so it can be transparently integrated with the existing web or intranet site. Its user-friendly capabilities allow users to interact using almost any type and any version of browser. No plug-ins, Java applets or any other downloads are required.

Key Features

Chatglobe has the following key features:

  • Multiple independent chat rooms
  • Server-push message delivery
  • Private conversations between users
  • Configuration panel for administrator
  • Customized to your site's look and feel
  • Log files that keep record of users and conversations
  • Ability to immediately deny acces to certain users
  • Colorful avatars and emoticons that allow dynamic and live conversations
  • Users can create hidden private rooms
  • Users can password protect a private room
  • Remotely hosted, so no heavy bandwidth or resource consumption


Chatglobe provides effective means to transform a site into an interactive community with potential for high profits. Its use will contribute to enhance the quality, visibility and profitability of an intranet or web site.

Sites using this product will be able to:

  • Build active online communities and promote loyalty
  • Increase your site's traffic by encouraging repeated visits to your site
  • Generate revenue from banner advertising
  • Generate revenue from memberships
  • Hold distance learning sessions
  • Hold online training, seminars and conferences
  • Get feedback from users, customers or employees
  • Hold guest speaker events
  • Increase sales through real-time customer service

What's more, Chatglobe is fast, easy to use and more affordable when compared to products with similar features.
Chatglobe is hosted on our servers, so our customers don't have to worry about any high-bandwidth consumption.


Chatglobe can be implemented on any web site. You do not need additional hard- or software to set up a Chatglobe chatbox on your web site.

How to use

Chatglobe features a robust application that enables users to interact in real-time using any type of browser. The chat application allows users to post messages and let others read and respond to them at any time. Multiple rooms can be created by users according to their own interests. Private conversations can be held among different users at the same time. The configuration panel provides the ability to change settings any time. The kick feature allows the chat administrator to remove obnoxious users from the chat. User's conversations are kept in log files that can later be used to create discussions, seminars or conference transcripts.

For additional questions about this product please contact us at info@chatglobe.nl or call +31-(0)71-8080130.

Pricing, Licensing & Ordering Information

A Chatglobe license comes with all it's standard features, set up for you with your color-scheme and logo.
It is possible to order a fully customized version of Chatglobe. If you miss a feature in Chatglobe, it is no problem to include it into your custom version. 
For more information about customized versions, please contact us.

Chatglobe offers the following licenses:

License Price/Month
50 user license


$ 115.--

100 user license


$ 208.--

200 user license


$ 378.--

500 user license


$ 857.--

1000 user license


$ 1,558.--

2000 user license


$ 2,833.--

Bandwidth usage is included.
50 user license means that there can be up to 50 users logged on to the chatbox at the same time.
We noticed that most sites up to 10,000 visitors a day fit a 50 user license.

Contact us today! at info@chatglobe.nl or call +31-(0)71-8080130. We'll be glad to assist you.

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