• Mirjam Wedemeier

    Mirjam Wedemeier

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    Hello, I am Mirjam Wedemeier. In 1994 I became friends with Rene. Through him I got acquainted with computers and Internet for the first time. Not so astounding that I built my first PC with him. I will never forget about the jumpers!! Although I found PC’s and Internet very interesting I then chose to go out, to sport, to go on holidays, in short: enjoy life!! In 1999 I specialized in Intensive Care nursing and since then worked on the Intensive Care Unit. In 2001 I quit my job to realize a big dream: to travel around the world. I visited AustraliaNew Zealand and Bali and saw all places of interest. Finally I went to Malawi to work as a volunteer in small clinic. Back in the Netherlands I finally take up the offer of Rene to work for him and his company. Since then I combine my work for Ykoon with as much pleasure as with my work as ICU-nurse.

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