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    Hieronder vindt U een selectie uit een aantal internet gerelateerde (web)applicaties die Ykoon heeft ontwikkeld.
    Software ontwikkeling is geen kernactiviteit meer van Ykoon B.V. Implementaties van software is nog wel mogelijk.


    Chatglobe.comChatglobe is a web-based chat box where people can chat and meet others.Chatglobe’s innovative design makes web-based chats fun and simple. Unlike much other chat software, one can have a real-time conversation through your web-browser without the need for Java, ActiveX or any other plugins. The power of Chatglobe relies on some very advanced JavaScript programming and its user-friendliness.Click here for more information and pricing.Chatglobe Rssreader.comThis free RSS reader is able to display any RSS and Atom news feed (XML)More than 1,100,000 downloads!RssReader collect news in the background at user configurable intervals and warn with a little popup in the system tray that there is a new message arrived. You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news and click or open the original news web page in an RssReader browser or default browser window.RssReader
    Rsspublisher.comCreate, edit and publish your own RSS feeds with RSS publisher.Make your own Blogcasts, Podcasts, Vblogs, Photoblogs, etc.Beta version is ready for download.RssPublisher Sitetraq.comSiteTraq is a web site statistics application that analyzes traffic on any web site. Sitetraq features real-time tracking and reporting, advanced site traffic and visitor information, search engine placement and much, much more. All this information is presented within an intuitive and very easy to use graphical interface. SiteTraq is the best way to monitor site traffic, measure online behavior and the profile of visitors.This product is under development.SiteTraq
    Logtraq.comLogTraq is an easy to setup and use log analyzer (Apache and IIS log files), 40 Reports!Beta version is ready for download.LogTraq Adtraq.comAdtraq presents a very simple and user-friendly interface and facilitates the management and circulation of the advertisement banners.Using Adtraq.nl you will be also able to monitor the real-time statistics of every advertisement, banner position or advertiser. Advertisers are able to log in and view their statistics.This product is under development.AdTraq
    Webtraq.nlWebTraq is a webspider/robot and search, use it to spider and search your favorite websites for keywords.If you are website owner it’s also possible to check your website for bad links.Beta version is ready for download.WebTraq Searchtraq.comSearchTraq is a search engine research tool, check all International and/or Dutch search engines at once.Beta version is ready for download.SearchTraq
    Botje.nlBotje is an Internet search engine covering the Dutch and Belgian part of the World Wide Web. Using our own smart index technologies we are aiming at finding a better way to navigate on the Internet. The database contains about 8,100,000 Dutch pages and 2,500,000 Belgian pages and continues to grow.Botje MediaTracker (in Dutch only)MediaTracker keeps track of your streaming audio and video and protects it against piracy. It allows you to keep track of the bandwidth (bytes requested) and time (minutes) consumed by users that are referred to you by your customers. In this way it’s easy to calculate how much to bill your customers at the end of each month.MediaTracker

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  • Software ontwikkeling.
    Hieronder vindt U een selectie uit een aantal internet gerelateerde (web)applicaties die Ykoon heeft ontwikkeld.

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